Photo credit: Sandra-Lee Layden

Future Appearances

29 June 2024 – Riverside Festival. Paris, ON.

11 September 2024 – Western University class visit. Hosted by Aaron Schneider. London, ON.

19 October 2024 – Memoirists Unite! A Conversation with Debut Memoir Writers panel, with Jen Sookfong Lee and Ariel Henley. Hosted by Danny Ramadan and the Victoria Writers Festival. Online.

7 November 2024 – Dear Friends &  reading series. Hosted by Jacquelyn Z. Ross, Western Front, and The Capilano Review. Vancouver, BC.

March 2025 – On Edge reading series. Hosted by Mercedes Eng and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Vancouver, BC.

Previous Appearances

30 April 2024 – Form and Constraint reading night. Hosted by Daniel Levin Becker, Banff Centre. Banff, AB.

21 April 2024 – Owen Sound Memoir workshop. Owen Sound, ON.

20 April 2024 – Owen Sound Memoir Series discussion. Owen Sound, ON.

26 March 2024 – Kanhiote Library Visit. Hosted by Kanhiote Public Library. Kanhiote, ON.

18 March 2024 – MA CRW Agenting class visit. Hosted by Robert McGill. Toronto, ON.

13 February 2024 – Wilfrid Laurier University class visit. Hosted by Mariam Pirbhai. Online.

31 January 2024 – York University Book Publishing Program class visit. Hosted by York University. Toronto, ON.

23 January 2024 – Mixed Metals reading. Hosted by Kathleen Hughes and Joy Xiang. Toronto, ON.

23 November 2023 – Carving Space: The Indigenous Voices Awards Anthology convo, with Kaitlyn Purcell. Hosted by Jordan Abel. Online.

12 October 2023 – Insights from Insiders panel. Hosted by Whistler Writers Festival. Online.

12 October 2023 – Pitch Your Heart Out session. Hosed by Whistler Writers Festival. Online.     

13 October 2023 – Literary Cabaret. Hosted by Stephen Vogler. Maury Young Arts Centre. Whistler, BC.

12 September 2023 – Interview with Books By the Lake. Hosted by the Humber School for Writers. Toronto, ON.

26 August 2023 – AMA: Agenting. Hosted by AugurCon. Propeller Coffee. Toronto, ON.

11 August 2023 – Pack Animal "In Heat" reading. Hosted by Emily Wood and Emma Cohen @ Standard Time. Toronto, ON.

24 June 2023 – SFU Writers Studio discussion. Hosted by Stella Harvey. Online.

21 June 2023 – Mississauga Library’s Author Talks chat. Online.

10 May 2023 – Wood Buffalo reading, Q&A, and interview. Hosted by Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. McMurray, AB.

2 May 2023 – Telling Truths panel. Hosted by FOLD. Online.

25 April 2023 – launch of Best Canadian Stories 2023 with Nick Thran, Lisa Alward, and Nancy Bauer. Hosted by Mark Jarman and David Huebert. Broken Record Bar & Music Room. Fredericton, NB.

18 April 2023 – Talk for the Ottawa Independent Writers Circle. Hosted by Suha Haroun. Online.

3 March 2023 –University of Winnipeg Zoom Q&A with Jenny Heijun Wills. Hosted by Lindsay Wong. Online.

1 March 2023 – University of New Brunswick reading with Fawn Parker. Hosted by Triny Finlay @ University of New Brunswick. Fredericton, NB.

13 February 2023 – University of New Brunswick seminar. Hosted by David Huebert. Fredericton, NB.

2 February 2023 – The Fiddlehead No. 294 reading launch. Hosted by David Huebert and The Fiddlehead. Harriet Irving Library. Fredericton, NB.

25 January 2023 – York University class visit. Hosted by Pasha Malla. Online.

27 November 2022 – Westminster Books reading with Carlos Morales. Hosted by Nick Thran @ Westminster Books. Fredericton, NB.

26 November 2022 – Augur Magazine Agenting AMA workshop with Kurestin Armada. Hosted by Terese Mason Pierre @ Augur Con. Online.

21 October 2022 – Writing Indigeneity with Brandi Morin and Eldon Yellowhorn. Hosted by Shelagh Rogers. Waterfront Theatre @ Vancouver Writers Festival. Vancouver, BC.

19 October 2022 – Memory of Self with Putsata Reang and Stuart Ross. Curated by Omar El Akkad. Waterfront Theatre @ Vancouver Writers Festival. Vancouver, BC.

16 October 2022 – Sunday Book Talk with Lisa Moore, Heather O’Neill, and Jamal Saeed. Hosted by Wayne Grady. Fairmont Chateau @ Whistler Writers Festival. Whistler, BC.

1 October 2022 – Memoiring: No Escape from Reality with Marsha Lederman, Darrel J. McLeod & Rollie Pemberton. DJD Dance Centre @ Calgary Wordfest. Calgary, AB.

1 October 2022 – The Way We... Talk About Place with Joanna Chiu, Marcello Di Cintio, Michael Hingston, Wayne Johnston, Leanne Prain & Harley Rustad. DJD Dance Centre @ Calgary Wordfest. Calgary, AB.

24 September 2022 – The Art of the Memoir with Isaac Fitzgerald. Toronto International Festival of Authors. Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

12 June 2022 – Storming The Stage: Lee Maracle’s Legacy with Drew Hayden Taylor and Shannon Webb-Campbell. Hosted by Nancy Cooper and The Word On The Street Toronto. Queen’s Park.

9 June 2022 – OCAD CRWR Class visit. Hosted by Phoebe Wang. Online.

1 June 2022 – Launch for HALF-BADS IN WHITE REGALIA with Melissa Vincent, Liz Howard, Wavy Green, and Jose Guzman. Hosted by me. The Dakota Tavern.

6 April 2022 – Vacant Nobodies with Craig Calhoun, MLA Chernoff, Jean Marc Ah-Sen, and Sophie McCreesh. Hosted by Sophie. Larry’s Folly.

23 September 2021 – Indigidebs with Selina Boan and Conor Kerr. Hosted by Molly Cross-Blanchard and Word Vancouver. Online

29 December 2020 – Knife Fork Book holiday reading with Joshua Escobar, Jake Byrne, Annick Macaskill, Nolan Natasha, Jenna Lyn Albert, John Elizabeth Stintzi, Travis Sharpe, Sarah Sgro, Erín Moure, David Ly, Matthew Walsh, Brandy Ryan, and Kerry Manders. Hosted by Kirby. Online.

13 December 2019 – Dirty Laundry for the Native Youth Resource Centre with Lee Suksi, Dimitri Karakostas, and Sophie McCreesh. Hosted by Zak Jones @ Harbord Coinwash. Toronto.

14 November 2019 – Bad Nudes Anthology Launch with André Babyn, Sarah MacKenzie, Sofia Banzhaf, Sara Jane Strickland, Lily Wang, Joshua Chris Bouchard, and Terese Mason Pierre. Hosted by Fawn Parker and Thomas Molander @ Wise Bar. Toronto.

4 November 2019 – Words at the Wise with Sally Cooper and Claire Horsnell. Hosted by Andrew Simpson @ Wise Bar. Toronto.

20 October 2019 – Aural Oracles with Ivanna Baranova, Kaitlyn Purcell, Liz Howard, Téa Mutonji, and Brad Casey. Hosted by Ashley Obscura @ Niagara Custom Lab. Toronto.

10 August 2019 – The Wild, Wild Midwest: Toronto Tour Stop with Sebastian Castillo, Tim Leonido, Ava Wolf, Andrew Worthington, Lena Suksi, and Catherine Fatima. Hosted by Catherine Fatima @ my old backyard. Toronto.

20 July 2019 – Big on Bloor Reading with Margeaux Feldman, Jaclyn Desforges, Dominik Parisien, Adam Giles, Jody Chan, Matt Snell, Meagan Perry, Amanda Merpaw, And Leonarda Carranza. Hosted by Mahak Jain and Marcia Walker @ Bloor And Brock. Toronto.

13 May 2019 – Emerging Writers Reading. Hosted by Mahak Jain and Marcia Walker @ Glad Day Bookshop. Toronto.

4 May 2019 – Launch of This is Where I Get Off with Kirby and Paul Daniel Torres. Hosted by Jim Johnstone @ Knife/Fork/Book. Toronto.

11 April 2019 – Hart House Literary and Library Committee's Emerging Writers Salon with Kenley Blackwood, Doyali Islam, Vivian Li, and Sanna Wani. Hosted by Terese Mason Pierre @ Hart House. Toronto.

6 April 2019 – Liar 10th/13th Anniversary Celebration with Rose Cullis, Lindsay Miles, Jc Bouchard, Rasqira Revulva, Jennifer Lovegrove, Kathryn Mockler, Lauren Turner, Julie Cameron Gray, Brian Dedora, Jessica Joy Heimstra, Shannon Bramer, Melanie Janisse Barlow, Tara Michelle Ziniuk, Fan Wu, Lee Suksi, Khashayar Mohammadi, Terese Mason Pierre, and Catherine Graham. Hosted by Kirby @ Knife/Fork/Book. Toronto.

31 March 2019 – MA in Creative Writing Graduate Reading with Justin Andrews, Mary Germaine, Mitch Gunn, Zak Jones, Helen Marukh, and Seb Wen. Hosted by Robert McGill @ Thomas Rare Fisher Book Library. Toronto.

15 March 2019 - Banff Spring Writers Retreat Reading Night with Luciana Erregue-Sacchi, Kerri Huffman, Razielle Aigen, Catherine Cockney, Syd Lazarus, Sarah Berman, and Kara Sievewright. Hosted by Liz Howard @ KC 301, Banff Centre. Banff.

28 February 2019 – Hart House Review Winter Supplement with Aley Waterman, Sanna Wani, Lily Wang, Harrison Wade, and Margaryta Golovchenko. Hosted by Jordan Huizenga @ Hart House Commons. Toronto.

15 February 2019 – Exposoc #2 with Andrey Khaitman-Shleifman. Hosted by Exiled Poets Society @ 120 Diner. Toronto.

31 January 2019 – Pleasure Dome Poems & 7,2 Launch with Prathna Lor. Hosted by Fan Wu @ Knife/Fork/Book. Toronto.

28 January 2019 – Common Reading: January Edition with Trevor Corkum and Margeaux Feldman. Hosted by Daniel Renton @ Campbell House. Toronto.

5 November 2018 – Words at the Wise: Season 5 with Loren Edizel and Lindsay Zier-Vogel. Hosted by Andrew J. Simpson @ Wise Bar. Toronto.

26 October 2018 – What Queer Reading: Autumn Wolverinology with Cason Sharpe and Yiwei Hu. Hosted by Fan Wu @ Knife/Fork/Book. Toronto.

9 October 2018 – Half a Grapefruit Reading with Zak Jones, Sanna Wani, Harrison Wade, and Maia Kachan. Hosted by Lily Wang @ Wise Bar. Toronto.

5 October 2018 – Vacant Nobodies: Volume 3 with Catriona Wright, Stephen Thomas, and Ben Gallagher. Hosted by Fawn Parker and Sophie McCreesh @ Mây Cafe. Toronto.

16 June 2018 – Late Spring Poetry with Ian Williams, Jim Johnstone, Sachiko Murakami, and Canisia Lubrin. Hosted by Shazia Hafiz Ramji @ Queen Books. Toronto.

5 April 2018 – Acta Victoriana 142.2 launch with Emmy Fu, John Oughton, and Nisarg Patel. Hosted by Carl Christian Abrahamsen @ Café Pamenar. Toronto.