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“Join us in welcoming the superb first couple of chapbooks in K/F/B'S WHAT QUEER READING series. They'll show you just where lusty and brainy converge...

PRATHNA LOR's second poetry chapbook 7,2 joins oblique objects with the tender edges of parataxis and longing. 7,2 is full of the solidity of the hard-won image: inside one finds tiny carnages mixed with rejuvenation; the tickle of epiphany narrowly escaped; the freshness of a syntax hardly worn. Here is a lesson in the benevolent contradiction of how speaking hurt nourishes.

CODY CAETANO's debut chapbook PLEASURE DOME POEMS exists at the fever scrim of language. Pleasure Dome Poems is a thrill ride in Cody's searingly original style, his achingly tangy cadence.

"Cody Caetano’s PDP bears a kind of pop art sensibility - it is slippery and agile and revisionist and campy and ethical and ultra contemporary. Some of the turns-of-phrases here are so inventive you will be *catbringsitspawtomouth.gif* shocked." - Billy-Ray Belcourt, author, THIS WOUND IS A WORLD and forthcoming NDN COPING MECHANISMS

Edited by Fan Wu
Published by Kirby
Author illustrations by Lena Suksi
Book design by Ralph Kolewe

Carousel-style readings at 7pm”

Later Event: January 28
Common Reading - The January Edition